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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to World Drum Lessons. I've taken the time to design an online learning experience that will help inspire you to learn new rhythms and instruments to incorporate into your drumming style. I've built a handful of courses which explore different instruments, concepts and rhythms that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis. I'm also offering a monthly Pandeiro Zoom Class on Saturday afternoons which you can subscribe to below.  We are constantly adding new content and updating our live workshop schedules, so sign up today and join our community!

Scott Kettner

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Announcing our new Pandeiro Academy with Weekly Zoom Classes

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When you subscribe to the Pandeiro Academy you'll receive a weekly zoom class with Scott Kettner every Saturday afternoon at 3pm (EST) where you'll be able to ask questions and learn from other academy members. This hybrid course will also include pre recorded pandeiro video exercises, practice routines, PDFs and much more. After you enroll in the Pandeiro Academy you will be sent a Zoom link every Saturday to join our weekly session.

Scott Kettner shares his fresh approach to hybrid drumming.

Bring Your Drumming to The Next Level

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Scott Kettner

When Scott Kettner looks at a map, he sees a direct line that connects the rivers of northeastern Brazil to the parishes of New Orleans and the streets of Brooklyn. A master percussionist, bandleader, producer and songwriter, Kettner is the guiding force behind Nation Beat, a band whose teeming, vibrant rhythms find common ground in the primal maracatu rhythm of Brazil’s northeastern region, the Big Easy’s funky, hypnotic second-line and strolling Mardi Gras Indians, and the unfettered freedom of big-city downtown jazz.

Scott Kettner

Drummer, Percussionist & Educator

One Nation - Under Many Grooves

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Bring Your Drumming to The Next Level

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